Is a Sale or Transition in Your Company’s Future?

Congruent Advisory specializes in mergers and acquisitions advisory services, partnering with M&A buyers and sellers to expertly navigate the complexities of such crucial deals. Our customized services include comprehensive support for pre and post-acquisition phases, ensuring a seamless and successful integration for your business ventures. 

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Pre and Post Merger and Acquisition Services

If it’s time to transition your business, count on Congruent Advisory Services to provide the expertise, guidance, and due diligence services you need to navigate the complexities of a sale or merger. We are neither brokers nor investment bankers. We area M&A consultants who work together with Company Owners and Management from start to finish, and assist them in preparing the Company for a merger or sale process, through our suite of pre and post merger services:

Pre-Merger M&A Expertise
  • Financial and operational due diligence and auditor support.
  • Assist with legal and operational due diligence.
  • Preparation of Pro-forma financials for quality of earnings analysis .
  • Assisting with preparation of closing statement calculations.
Post-Merger M&A
  • Integration – Assisting the acquirer to integrate the target company within its operations.
  • Determine networking capital calculations for purchase price adjustments.
  • Interfacing with the buyer and/or seller team to support purchase price adjustment negotiation.
  • Tracking acquisition synergies (personnel and non-personnel).
  • Analyzing post-acquisition target performance.

M&A Advisory Buy-Side Support

We support businesses that want to capitalize on growth opportunities by providing the support, guidance, and analysis needed to make decisions that align with business objectives.

Buyer Side Support Services
  • Identifying and reporting synergies.
  • Providing an objective view of the target performance post acquisition after integration.
  • Developing practical solutions to facilitate integration and plan beyond the closing.
  • Assisting acquirer with calculation of purchase price adjustments and settlement with the sellers within the agreed upon time frame.

M&A Advisory Sell-Side Support

We help owners ensure they are ready for one of the most impactful business decisions of their lives: selling or transitioning the business. We help owners understand the financial benefits and risks of the transaction and ensure all of the buyer’s financials fairly represent the value of the company.

Seller Side Support Services
  • Capitalizing on growth opportunities and analyzing offers.
  • Identifying and preparing for M&A opportunities – now and in the future.
  • Preparing for and assisting with  due diligence requests from the buyer.

Objective, Practical Support Before, During and After Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be complex, particularly because every company has a unique set of pre- and post-acquisition needs. Congruent helps businesses navigate these complexities by providing tailored financial services that maximize value, minimize risk, and support the business growth strategy.

Examples of some our capabilities and the packages we’ve created for past clients include:

M&A Buyers, Post-Acquisition Support Services
  • Led the calculation for the post-acquisition net working capital (NWC) settlement process.
  • Assisted with the NWC negotiation with sellers.
  • Led the seller-side NWC calculation for divestitures.
  • Tracked post-acquisition synergies.
  • Analyzed post-acquisition target performance.
  • Assisted the financial reporting team with recording acquisition entries.
M&A Sellers, Pre-Acquisition Support Services
  • Led and managed the financial and legal due diligence process with auditors and lawyers.
  • Steered the selling company through the buyer’s financial and non-financial due diligence process.
  • Led the preparation of the deal closing statement.
  • Interfaced with the in-house legal team on various aspects of the deal including data required for regulatory filing


Q1: Are you looking to ascertain the true value of a business?

We will perform due diligence to help you understand the numbers, explain how a merger or acquisition can support your business objectives, and examine whether or not the candidate company is the right fit based on those objectives.

Q2: Are you trying to identify growth opportunities and vet companies for acquisitions or mergers?

We can help you develop a strategy for growth that you can use to identify suitable targets for a merger or acquisition. Having a solid strategy in place improves the chance of success and supports successful business unions and seamless integrations.

Q3: Are you wondering how much your business is worth? If now is the time to sell?

We will help you obtain an objective understanding of your business’s value and competitiveness in the market, determine if this is the right time to sell or divest, and analyze offers received.

What Clients are Saying


Rudolph G.

Owner, Waste Co, CO

We retained Congruent Advisory (Tejal) as a sell side M&A consultant. Tejal helped us steer our financial, legal, and operations due diligence process. She was integral to helping the buyer gain comfort on all aspects of the due diligence. Tejal helped us navigate the transaction process in a collaborative manner. Of particular note was her ability to drive the transaction process to fruition in a challenged timeline (approx. 4 months). We unhesitatingly recommend Congruent as an M&A consultant. Congruent would be a key asset to any seller company looking for assistance with their transaction. Our family is forever grateful that Tejal joined our company and lifted our team to a higher level - I give her a five-star rating!

Arthur G.

Owner, Waste Company, CO

We initially hired Congruent Advisory (Tejal) as an Interim CFO to help us strengthen our accounting processes and financial reporting function. Very early on we noted Tejal’s focus on understanding our business and putting into place processes that increased communication and collaboration between Operations and Accounting departments resulting in a more streamlined monthly close process. Tejal focused on building trust and capabilities in the accounting team. She helped the accounting team strengthen their analytical and communication skills helping inter-departmental cohesion and a more informed decision-making process. Tejal is an authentic and empowering leader focused on developing and strengthening the capabilities of the teams she works with. Tejal would be a great asset to any company as an interim CFO or to a company that wants to build a strong accounting and finance processes. Most certainly, she proved to be one of the best investments we have ever made!

Brenton S.

President , Biotechnology Company, TX

Congruent Advisory (Tejal) worked as a fractional CFO for us for about 2 years. She focused on understanding our business needs of our maturing company and helped improve the quality of data and communication between finance and operations. Tejal provided actionable insight and support on various aspects of our company, such as ERP selection and implementation, audit facilitation, as well as documentation of technical accounting pronouncements and their implementation. Tejal helped guide us on our strategic choice of auditors, as we planned for continued growth of our company. Overall, she helped drive solutions as the company transitioned to a permanent CFO. I highly recommend Tejal. She would be a valuable asset to any company in a growth mode.

Navigate the Buy-Sell Process With an Experienced M&A Consultant By Your Side

Congruent Advisory Services acts as a partner to business owners and senior leadership who want to develop an intentional strategy to mergers and acquisitions and who want a trusted advisor to guide them through the M&A process, whether they are buying or selling. Contact us to learn more about our M&A advisory services and to discuss your needs.

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