Expert ERP Project Management for an Effective and Scalable Strategy

We specialize in ERP project management, offering our expertise to assist you in selecting, building, and implementing an ERP strategy that ensures seamless scalability and the support you need now and in the future.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project Management


ERP Consulting Services and Implementation Management

As your company scales, the need for adaptable ERP software becomes paramount. Congruent Advisory Services, one of the leading ERP consulting firms, is here to assist you in building a sustainable ERP strategy and selecting the perfect software that aligns with your organization’s current and future needs.

Our team of skilled ERP consultants is dedicated to guiding you through the entire ERP implementation process. From understanding your unique requirements to recommending the ideal ERP software, we ensure your business can manage day-to-day activities efficiently, from accounting and procurement to risk management and compliance.

With our top-tier ERP software consulting, you can rest assured that your company is well-prepared for continued growth and transformation over the years. Let us be your trusted ERP implementation consultant, empowering your business with a future-ready ERP solution that streamlines operations and propels your success to new heights.

We help your company prepare for ERP implementation by:

Source – Implement – Educate

Congruent provides comprehensive project management of ERP implementation. Our personalized approach takes into account your current and future business needs for a highly effective solution that will scale with your business. We specialize in project management of NetSuite ERP implementation and Intacct implementation.

Our 6-step approach to ERP implementation project management:

Step 1. Discovery and Planning

This step involves gathering input and setting goals and objectives for the ERP system. Selecting the ERP that best meets the needs of your company.

Step 2. Design and Planning

Analyze existing workflows to determine how to best configure the new ERP system and plan migration of legacy data.

Step 3. Development

Project management of software and data setup configuration to meet needs and objectives. Training materials and documentation, additional to the material provided by the ERP implementation provider, if required, are prepared and data setup and software are finalized.

Step 4. Testing

All functions are tested in the sandbox area. Troubleshooting occurs and the software and existing data setup is fine-tuned to align to company requirements.

Step 5. Deployment

Once the configuration has been finalized, existing data has been migrated, and testing is complete, it is time to “Go-Live”. We closely work with the company and the technical team during the “Go-Live” phase and assist the company evaluate and select the post go live “Managed Services” options available.

Step 6. Support

We support management in the post-implementation ERP phase and can assist with training your internal team to ensure optimal in-house use of the ERP and its features.

We support management through the annual audit process (auditor questions on migration and testing) and audit sign-off on the ERP change.


Our ultimate goal of project managing your ERP implementation is to establish a system that streamlines your work processes and facilitates informed decision-making.


Q1. Does your ERP system support your business growth?

We help you learn how to maximize your current ERP or find out if there is a better solution that meets your current and future needs.

Q2. Do you have a solid understanding of your ERP function and how it integrates and supports functions across the business? Are there areas that need improvement?

We offer an in-depth analysis of business functions and ERP selection based on ERP capabilities to provide our clients with robust solutions that address their most critical operational needs.

Q3. Do you have the capabilities to manage your ERP in-house?

We can educate and train your staff so you can save time and money by managing your ERP yourself.

What Clients are Saying


Brenton S.

President, Biotechnology Company, TX

Congruent Advisory (Tejal) worked as a fractional CFO for us for about 2 years. She focused on understanding our business needs of our maturing company and helped improve the quality of data and communication between finance and operations. Tejal provided actionable insight and support on various aspects of our company, such as ERP selection and implementation, audit facilitation, as well as documentation of technical accounting pronouncements and their implementation. Tejal helped guide us on our strategic choice of auditors, as we planned for continued growth of our company. Overall, she helped drive solutions as the company transitioned to a permanent CFO. I highly recommend Tejal. She would be a valuable asset to any company in a growth mode.

Arthur G.

Owner, Waste Company, CO

We initially hired Congruent Advisory (Tejal) as an Interim CFO to help us strengthen our accounting processes and financial reporting function. Very early on we noted Tejal’s focus on understanding our business and putting into place processes that increased communication and collaboration between Operations and Accounting departments resulting in a more streamlined monthly close process. Tejal focused on building trust and capabilities in the accounting team. She helped the accounting team strengthen their analytical and communication skills helping inter-departmental cohesion and a more informed decision-making process. Tejal is an authentic and empowering leader focused on developing and strengthening the capabilities of the teams she works with. Tejal would be a great asset to any company as an interim CFO or to a company that wants to build a strong accounting and finance processes. Most certainly, she proved to be one of the best investments we have ever made!

Rudolph G.

Owner, Waste Co, CO

We retained Congruent Advisory (Tejal) as a sell side M&A consultant. Tejal helped us steer our financial, legal, and operations due diligence process. She was integral to helping the buyer gain comfort on all aspects of the due diligence. Tejal helped us navigate the transaction process in a collaborative manner. Of particular note was her ability to drive the transaction process to fruition in a challenged timeline (approx. 4 months). We unhesitatingly recommend Congruent as an M&A consultant. Congruent would be a key asset to any seller company looking for assistance with their transaction. Our family is forever grateful that Tejal joined our company and lifted our team to a higher level - I give her a five-star rating!

Could Your ERP Be Serving You Better?

If your ERP is not performing as well as it should, you want to implement a new ERP system, contact Congruent Advisory Services. We will make this complex undertaking manageable for you.

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